1918 – The Untold Stories of the Great War

A narrative performance piece which wends its way through narrative, history, humour and song. Over the course of 50-65 minutes (depending on audience and location), Chris performs up to a dozen songs interspersed with insights and observations that embed the music within a chronological historical context. Read more…

Chris Hoban is a composer, arranger, lyricist, songwriter and performer living in the heart of the West Country. He has a wealth of experience writing simple, flexible compositions and arrangements for youth, amateur or community choirs.

Steeped equally in the English folk, songwriter, classical or cathedral traditions, his style is uniquely poised to create diverse music of broad appeal that can be tailored to your needs.

‘The greatest unknown songwriter in Britain’ (Steve Knightley, Show of Hands) 

‘Chris’ music is beautifully crafted – rich in imagination – rich, too, in years of experience, which has resulted in finely written, characterful music.’ (Richard Allain)

‘One of the best composers and songwriters around for young singers and performers. His pieces are varied, eminently musical and hugely enjoyable.’ (Dr Oliver Leaman, Director of Music, Blundell’s School)

‘Chris’s choir pieces are such a joy to sing – every part is ‘singable’ and beautifully crafted. We love his work and so do our audiences.’ (Sandra Smith, Director of ‘The Lost Sound’)

[Song videos available at www.youtube.com/chrishobanmusic]

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