February 17, 2001
Chris Hoban
Producer: Adie Hardy
Number of discs: 1

Equatorial is Chris’s first solo album, inspired by an eclectic range of sounds and styles – Brazilian, Cuban, Anglo-Irish folk roots, acoustic pop, West African and jazz.

Featuring Pete Flood (Bellowhead) on drums & percussion, James Fortune (The Magnets) on vocals and flute, Monica Vasconcelos (Nois) on guest vocals.

BBC What’s On Guide
Lyrically and musically expansive singer-songwriter who makes David Byrne sound like The Smurfs. (Anon)

Global Village Idiot
Remarkably accomplished singer-songwriter who seems equally at home in pop and the more adventurous (like the traveled title track with its Latin inspiration). Not just clever lyrically, but also genuinely moving, and some accomplished guitar work…. Someone really needs to sit up and notice this guy. (Chris Nickson)

Living Abroad Magazine
Chris Hoban has been carefully and somewhat quietly carving out a name for himself in selected jazz establishments around the world and, of late, old London town… His work isn’t that easily pigeonholed. As the title suggests, there’s something of warmer climes going on here but then again, that’s only with those such as the title track itself.

When you move onto something like Suburban Love, he instead comes across like a Harry Chapin for the 21st century… With instrumentation taking in flutes, accordion, violins, Hammond organs, talking drums and even bodrans, you can also be sure that there’s plenty of different shades and colours casting different shadows from song to song. (Gareth Gorman)

Evening Standard
This singer-songwriter spent much of the 1990s absorbing sounds and rhythms in foreign climes, including a stint in Brazil. The spirit of Sao Paulo has obviously travelled home with him, for his earthy folk-roots style is lightly marinated in the warm South American sunshine and guest vocalist Monica Vasconcelos adds some genuine sultry gloss. (Paul Clark)

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